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by Ron Weighell
Illustrations: Santiago Caruso
Publication Date: January 2012
Details about the book: sewn hardcover with dust-jacket printed on deluxe heavy paper, cloth boards, gold and silver folio, silk ribbon, end papers and full-color frontispiece.

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At the Court of Rudolph the second, John Dee and Cornelius Drebel create a device to realise the vision of Hermes Trismegistus to make Humankind dwellers in supercellestial realms, privy to divine knowledge, consorting with Angels in a Universal Empire of Hermetic Wisdom. The unseen effects of this resonate down the centuries in a multitude of settings. The tortured architectural demonologies and enchanted thickets of Gothic nightmare that are the streets of Prague - The formal Thameside gardens of Elizabeth the first's Court - a London in the freezing grip of Polar Demons - The ice-storm lashed shores of the Baltic - The Steppes of Russia - The dazzling Court of the Tsar - The treasure filled temple of magic that lies beneath a Cathedral of St Petersburg - A house of cabalistic secrets owned by the Ba'al Shem of Wapping - The modest home of a Welshman too 'Angelic' to be earning his living as a journalist - The intrigue laden cloisters of Oxford - The ruins of blitzed London where a solitary Magus pursues his Art - A vast cathedral of light where the gathered cabalists and magi of the ages, including Dee, Meyrink, Crowley, Roerich, Blavatsky and Fortune, come face to face with all the Orders of Angels and Demons that the device has helped them to summon.

The return of Ron Weighell to the fantastic literature is the return of the Blood to the Heart of the Mysteries.

A living mystery of the occult European literature, Ron Weighell is amongst the last greatest initiates of our time. We are confident that The Tears of the Gods is the single most important esoterical work to appear since René Guénon's La Roi du Monde and Das Grüne Gesicht of Gustav Meyrink. Not for the lukewarm nor for the post-modern dilettante.

The Tears of the Gods

i) Consorting with Angels
ii) A Sudden Sunshine
iii) The Black Lake of Night
iv) The Summe and Substance of the Conference
v) Fishing for Coral
vi) The Chain of the Exilarchs
vii) The Voice of the Silence
viii) The Law of Unintended Consequences
ix) The Lion Serpent Begets Gods
x) On the Side of the Angels
xi) Control
xii) Satyrs Gathering
xiii) The Water of Speech is Quenched
xiv) Lampetia and Phaethusa Weep

The Tarshishim Box Set Contents

i. The Tears of the Gods volume
ii. Journal Notes, fragments of unfinished stories, novels, manuscripts, essays and other pieces of essotera
iii. a Celestial map
iv. a silk pouch with Mandrake seeds
v. double-pages illustrations by Santiago Caruso, expressly done for The Tears of the Gods, printed on thick deluxe paper
vi. a double-folded heavy box to hold the volume and all the extras

"Some of the finest writers of supernatural fiction have been steeped in the many facets of what is known to us now as the Western Mystery Tradition, in which Hermetcism, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, the Kabbalah and other even more recondite currents intertwine. Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Charles Williams, Mary Butts and David Lindsay all drew in their different ways upon these ancient sources. Ron Weighell is a deep student of this tradition, which enriches his work with a rare illumination. His alchemical prose is written in quicksilver ink distilled from a vast athanor of learning. Here is the literature that Machen lauded in Hieroglyphics - work full of "wonder, awe, mystery, sense of the unknown, desire for the unknown."

- Mark Valentine

The Tears of the Gods is a full-colour illustrated sewn hardcover book of 140 pages with dust-jacket, silk ribbon, endpapers and a full-colour frontispiece. Finely illustrated by Santiago Caruso. Collector's edition limited to only 100 hand numbered copies.

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