Europe & USA $65 USD
Rest of World $70 USD

Edited by Dan T. Ghetu
Illustrator: John Coulthart
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-973-7764-26-3
Sewn hardcover, limited to 350 copies, 400pp with end papers and a full-color frontispiece.


"It is called the Cinnabar Book because that red is the colour of the garments of those who have reached the highest stage of perfection and stayed behind on earth for the salvation of mankind. Just as we cannot comprehend the meaning of a book if we just hold it in our hand or turn the pages without reading, so we will not profit from the course of our destiny if we do not grasp its meaning. Events follow each other like the pages of a book that are turned by Death; all we know is that they appear and disappear, and that with the last one the book ends. We do not even know that it keeps being opened, again and again, until we finally learn to read. And as long as we cannot read, life is for us a worthless game in which joy and sorrow mingle."

- Gustav Meyrink

Cinnabar's Gnosis is the first Ex Occidente Press anthology in a series of homages dedicated to European lost masters and exquisite fantasts. Some of the upcoming anthologies will be dedicated to Dino Buzzati, M.P. Shiel, Bruno Schulz, Ernst Jünger, Baron Corvo, Leo Perutz, Emil Cioran.

All the stories and novelettes in Cinnabar's Gnosis are exclusive works, written especially for this anthology.

Portrait in an Unfaded Photograph, John Howard
The Weimar Spider, Colin Insole
Pulvis Lunaris, or, The Coagulation of Wood, D.P. Watt
The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold, R.B. Russell
The Black Metaphysical, Reggie Oliver
Meyrink's Gambit, George Berguño
On Consideration of the Muses, Eric Stener Carlson
The Age of Decayed Futurity, Mark Samuels
Pocátek Románu: A Flutter of Lorn Love, Albert Power
Feet of Clay, Head of Fire, Richard Gavin
The Antediluvian Uncle, Rhys Hughes
Her Magnetic Field, Adam Golaski
The Autumn Keeper, Mark Valentine
Modern Cities Exist Only to be Destroyed, Michael Cisco
The House of Sleep, Stephen J. Clark
The Multiples of Sorrow, Steve Rasnic Tem
The Cabinet of Prague, Mark Beech
White Souls that March in the Astral Light, Jonathan Wood
The Cylinder of Shunyakasha, Adam S. Cantwell
The Chymical Wedding of Des Esseintes, Brendan Connell
The World Entire, Ron Weighell
The Light Invisible, The Light Inaccessible, Peter Bell
Tzimtzum, Quentin S. Crisp
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Cinnabar's Gnosis: A Homage to Gustav Meyrink is an oversized [22x29cm] sewn hardcover book of 400 pages with endpapers, a full-colour frontispiece and a dust-jacket. Deluxe cloth boards with folio. Edition limited to 350 copies. $65 inc. p&p; to Europe and USA, $70 to the rest of the world.

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