The City of the Strange Fear and Other Tales of Harry Dickson
Jean Ray

A collection that brings together for the first time some of the best supernatural stories and novellas of Harry Dickson, "The King of Detectives". Translated by Arthur Enescu & António Monteiro. The City of the Strange Fear & Other Tales of Harry Dickson is a hardcover book of 386 pages with dust-jacket, endpapers and a full-colour frontispiece. Edition limited to only 100 numbered copies. $50 inc. p&p; to Europe and USA, $55 to the rest of the world. Due to the limitation of this edition, we are not able to offer more than two copies per customer. More details to follow. Contents: Introduction, The Resurrection of the Gorgon, The Iron Temple, The House of the Hallucinations, The Illustrious Sons of the Zodiac, In the Clutches of the Black Idol, Barcelona Night, The Invisible Savant, The Gang of the Spider, The Seven-Pointed Star, The Dreadful Night of the Zoo, The Devil's Avengers, The Mystery of the Green Carpet, The Black Octopus, The Hidden Kingdom, Death Factories, The Fantastic Conspiracy, The True Secret of the Palmer Hotel, The Red Studio, The City of the Strange Fear, Notes. More...

Virtue in Danger
Reggie Oliver

It is July 1963. At its headquarters, a former luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps, crisis is facing the Moral Regeneration Movement, a powerful modern, quasi-religious cult. Its founder and leader, Arnold Breitman is dying. Questions are already being asked about who is to succeed him. There are a number of likely candidates. They include a former tennis champion, a Swiss industrialist, a trade unionist and a doctor. But each of them hides a guilty secret. Into this troubled situation comes a world-weary professional actor, Ivor Smith who, quite by accident, finds himself at the very epicentre of the crisis, playing an unexpectedly influential role. The cast of characters also includes an exiled Balkan King, his ambitious queen, his twin daughters, a gay policeman, an assassin, a gossip columnist, a Lutheran Pastor with an obsession about goats and a host of others. Terrible secrets are revealed, uncontrollable passions are unleashed. The pace is furious. Comedy is rarely absent, but underneath runs a serious subtext. Questions about the nature of morality and the motivations of those who set themselves up as moral leaders are asked. All these elements are bound together into a terrific climax on a mountain top, followed by a joyous ending that might be described as "fairy tale" if it were not laced with mordant wit. More...

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