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by John Howard
This box contains two books
Publication Date: 19 May 2011
Details about the books: sewn hardcovers with dust-jacket printed on deluxe heavy paper paper, cloth boards, gold and silver folio, silk ribbon, end papers and full-color frontispiece.

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Cities and Thrones and Powers,
Stand in Time’s eye,
Almost as long as flowers,
Which daily die:
But, as new buds put forth
To glad new men,
Out of the spent and unconsidered Earth,
The Cities rise again.

- Rudyard Kipling

The contents of Cities and Thrones and Powers reflect the title.

The collection An Expended Day contains stories of all three. In the cities their inhabitants try to get on with their lives as Powers are on the move and Thrones totter. Steaua de Munte, the eighth fortress town of Transylvania, is on the stage, as is the Weltstadt Berlin and the awakening land of Ukrainia.

The Emperor’s Pavement: Pages from a Berlin Daybook presents aspects of the city in a way never quite seen before. Famous, infamous, and little-known parts of the city are brought to life. Berlin is as much a state of mind as a place; it is haunted by its past, but the present is lively and unique.

After the Great Destruction examines the text and context of one of the masterpieces of German Hörspiel, Günter Eich’s “Träume”. In dreams, nightmares, and poetic narratives of his play, Eich tells his listeners that the only way to escape illusion is to ‘Be uncomfortable: be sand, not the oil, in the machinery of the world!’

Staunchly avoiding the tired and the wearisome common places of the contemporary fantastic literature, John Howard brilliantly proves, encore, that he is amongst the very few and the very last of those authors for whom Memory, History, Loss, Forgiveness and Nostalgia are more than meaningless words in an old dictionary.

Startling imagery, a rich, delicate, precise prose, haunting stories of exile - these are only a few of the things you will find in these books of forgotten joys and borderland histories.

What to read by John Howard? To paraphrase Michel Tournier, the famous French novelist: "Howard ... read all of him."

The Cities and Thrones and Powers Box contents:

i. An Expended Day, a new story collection [the first book]
ii. The Emperor’s Pavement: Pages from a Berlin Daybook [the second book]
iii. After the Great Destruction, printed on individual pages on thick deluxe paper
iv. a hand-written manuscript, reproduction printed on thick paper
v. various old maps, banknotes, postcards, street plans of Berlin, Bucharest, Sibiu and of other European towns
vi. beech leaves and wheat stalks
vii. a double-folded heavy box to hold the two volumes and all the extras

Cities and Thrones and Powers contains two sewn hardcover books of 130, respectively 100 pages, with dust-jackets, silk ribbons, endpapers and full-colour frontispieces. Collector's edition limited to only 100 hand numbered copies.

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