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Ex Occidente Press is an independent publishing house from that doubtful place that was once called "la Porte de l'Orient" by travellers, seers and esoterists, generals and freemasons, poets and spies, prostitutes and rakes, salon artists and theologians, but which is known nowadays under the name of Bucharest. Ex Occidente Press specialises in rara et nova fiction of the supernatural, the odd and the weird, the strange and the decadent, the fantastic and the obscure, the very holy and the luxuriously heretical. Ex Occidente Press places equal emphasis on introducing both new works from contemporary writers and works from an earlier age of European literature that has been neglected in the English-speaking world.

For questions, orders and general information, please write to exoccidente@gmail.com


I just thought I'd write as yesterday I received the three new books you sent. The two Passport Levant volumes in particular are absolutely beautiful and probably the loveliest books I've seen from Ex Occidente Press (or any other publisher for that matter). Incidentally, the postcard for The Mascarons of the Late Empire was a nice unexpected extra. Thanks for including that! – James Clark, U.K.

My copies of the Passport Levant Mark Valentine and Reggie Oliver arrived today and are ravishing. I like the format, and in this age of ebooks it's wonderful to have a source of well-crafted, genuinely tangible editions. (Ironically, the Passport Levants are about the same dimensions as the iPad!) – Michael Saler, U.S.

Suffice to say that my dealings with Ex Occidente Press, in whatever shape or form, have been without exception nothing but positive...in fact it has been a pleasure to purchase from a publisher who has enhanced immeasurably my reading experience and at the same time opened many new doors to authors and works across a wide range of European literature which would otherwise quite possibly have remained out of sight throughout my entire life. I have nothing but pleasure. – Jeremy Mills, U.K.

This short mail is to inform you that the 3 books have arrived in very good order. I must say that they are simply WONDERFUL and I want to congratulate you for the quality of this exceptional book. It is, indeed, the most beautiful volume of Jean Ray I own (and my collection include more than 1.000 items writings of this author). Sincere, most sincere thanks!! – André Verbrugghen, L’Amicale Jean Ray, Belgium

I received the parcel with the Passport Levant books today. Thanks a lot for the swift dispatch and for the matching numbers. The books are magnificent! Surely, the photos you sent me in a previous e-mail were not making them any justice. Within two years time, you have surpassed yourself many times. As reader of the kind of literature you cherish and someone who loves to have products of this literature between lovely covers, I thank you for making my dreams to come true. – Antony, Greece

Thanks very much for the Quentin & Samuels books. Great things! Wondrous books! – Mark Beech, U.K.

Many thanks indeed for the two latest titles, which arrived safely this morning. I must admit that I was very uncertain about the landscape format, but you have created very beautiful books and I look forward to reading them both. The black on black printing looks great on Mark's dust jacket, and the gilt letting on the paper is a lovely touch. – Ray Russell, Tartarus Press, U.K.

Yes! I received The Wounds of Exile on Tuesday. The book is very beautiful. Strangely, I find that The Wounds of Exile has satisfied my hunger for orientalism or something, which I didn't even know I had.. magnificent, just magnificent. Thank you! – Eemeli J., Norway

The Nightfarers arrived today - what a splendid looking tome! Most exquisite, I'm quite envious. I shall savour the contents held within its pages like the unholy blossoms of stars burning like poppies of scarlet and pouring forth their fragrances of secrets from high heavens of black tourmaline... then I'll probably read the stories. It is a very lovely production and I shall certainly let you know what I think. Ex Occidente Press’s finest book so far. – John Gale, U.K.

The first two Passport Levant titles arrived stateside today without mishap, and I am extremely pleased with the large landscape format that Dan is using for the Passport Levant imprint. They are really a handsome pair of books. – Kobaia., U.S.

I can only speak for myself, my own experiences in my dealings with Ex Occidente Press. It is my opinion that Ex Occidente Press is one of the most important small presses in both the field of weird fiction and in general. The production values of the press are impeccable, and it has set new literary standards for the contemporary field of weird fiction as well, especially by bringing the supernatural tale to Central Europe, or, bringing Central Europe to the supernatural tale. Ex Occidente Press is, alongside Tartarus Press, the preeminent publisher in the field, at least in my opinion. The delivery to Copenhagen has always been swift and well packaged. All in all, I am a very satisfied costumer, and hope for Ex Occidente to keep on going for many years. -Mads Pedersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

The book is here, Dan, it looks stunning - as always! Thank you! – Claus L., Germany

Thank you for both books - they are wonderful. – Matthew K., U.K.

I just received my copy of The Wounds of Exile a few days ago, thank you, and it looks beautiful! I'm hoping to also order The Mascarons of The Late Empire before it sells out! – Alexandra D., Canada

I now have both Cinnabar's Gnosis and the Mark Valentine and Reggie Oliver Passport Levant titles. They are, of course, as beautiful within as without. - Eric A., U.S.

A brilliant surprise this morning when the postman delivered a copy of The Nightfarers. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not sure if it was you or the publisher who arranged for me to be sent a copy but I'm extremely grateful to whomever it was. The book is a delight and so beautifully put together - whenever I get things like this I'm always powerfully reminded that all the other people who play this game of small publishing do it so much better than I do - I'm vermillion with envy. – Callum James, U.K.

The Man Who Collected Machen by Mark Samuels arrived yesterday and was in excellent shape. An Emporium of Automata by D.P. Watt is due next. Can't wait. Thanks, Dan! – Bendk, U.S.

The postman delivered the package a couple of hours after I read your mail. So the book is here and it looks absolutely fantastic, I cant wait to start reading it tonight. Thanks a lot for the outstanding service. – Jesper M., Denmark

Received the package today! These are really beautifully designed books. And I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Mark Samuels and Quentin S. Crisp. I'd seen them post on the Thomas Ligotti forum, but the first time I actually saw anything about their writing was on the Ex Occidente site. – Tim V., U.S.

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for packaging the books so well. Both arrived in perfect condition and I'm already half way through Mascarons of the Late Empire. It's a great read so far. Keep up the great work! – Pat M., U.S.

I have completed reading and enjoyed immensely the following of your productions: The Horrifying Presence, The Man Who Collected Machen, The Nightfarers (Probably the best book I have read from your company to date - strike that probably by ANY publisher of weird wares). I have many stories in the Joel Lane collection and must read more by this intriguing and multifaceted writer. Thank you for publishing them, they are already treasured gems in my collection and have opened up hitherto unknown vistas in my reading of supernatural fiction and fiction in general. I'm sure the best has yet to come. – Dan L., Canada

The Man Who Collected Machen arrived today. A beautiful book! – Jacob L., Denmark

Cinnabar's Gnosis just arrived and it is spectacular. You really know how to put together a beautiful book. – Michael Cisco, U.S.

I just got the book [The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales]!! It is absolutely magnificent! thanks!!! – Ben Uminsky, U.S.

I received both Passport Levant titles (the Oliver and the Valentine). Beautiful books! I particularly like the landscape format. Thanks, Dan. – Kevin W., U.S.

What a great joy to hold in my hands the jewel that is your edition of “Le Bahut Noir”, The Black Cupboard. It is a paradigm of elegance, mystery and good taste. What a pity that the print run is so limited, but that makes it even rarer for all collectors of my works, just like a treasure to hunt. I suppose you have made a selection of faithful readers who are aware of the value of the choices in your collection; my old friend Jean Ray would have greatly enjoyed seeing his tales wrapped by the designer of editions that you are. I guarantee that other authors will envy the gift you have sent me and be assured of my entire gratitude. – Monsieur Claude Seignolle, Châtenay, France, 6th June, 2010

Just a quick note to let you know my copy of Cinnabar’s Gnosis arrived safe and sound this morning - and what a beautiful looking book it is! – Alan F,. U.K.

The book [The Man Who Collected Machen] is a joy to own – and a very good read (I’m halfway). Thank you! - Didrik Søderlind, Norway

I positively LOVE Mark Valentine's book, and I would certainly like to make other purchases from you. I hope your enterprise is successful and thrives! Your books are truly beautiful and wonderful, and I've enjoyed your communications. Thank you! – Thomas K.M., U.S.

The books have just arrived!!!!!!!! Just to say that I’m very proud of The Silver Voices and proud that you published it. It is a beautiful book. I find the art deco frontispiece and the gold design on the cover to be particularly fine! P.S. Anything I write in praise of books published by Ex Occidente Press might be open to accusations of self-interest. So while saying nothing about their contents, I would still like to put on record that I consider Ex Occidente’s publications to date to be of the highest quality in terms of production values and the co-ordination of all parts of their physical appearance into a unified whole. For example the various papers used; the frontispieces and jacket design and artwork; the fonts; and even the playfully changing colophons. Each Ex Occidente Press or Passport Levant volume is a multi-sensual experience for the reader to savour -- as much in the hand and to the eye, as in the heart. - John Howard, U.K.

I received Cinnabar’s Gnosis just now! Thank you, it’s a beautiful book. I’m sorry if I caused you any unnecessary anxiety. I’ll be more patient in the future. Speaking for myself, Ex Occidente Press has injected a much needed shot of creativity and enthusiasm into the small press that is a breath of fresh air. – njorror, U.S.

In forty years of bookselling I’ve not encountered a publisher that attained such lofty heights from both a literary and collectability perspective. We love Ex Occidente Press. Onward! – Mark Ziesing

Just a belated note to say how much I have been enjoying Cinnabar's Gnosis. It's very nice, and the quality of the book is nice too. Just holding it and turning the thick pages is a pleasure. I am really just so happy that anyone is taking the time and effort to produce these books. So many of your books look just magical! I enjoy reading your 'call for submissions' in which you delineate your regulations for the books - especially the 'don't play the humour card.' To me, that is something that ruins any of these type of esoteric books/fiction. Anyway, it's hard to explain, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts and your EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT taste!! I feel like someone is making this list just for me! – Blake S., U.S.

Since adopting the separate jacket format Ex Occidente Press has consistently produced some of the most stylish and elegant looking books I have ever seen. It's great to see such care being taken in choosing cover art and frontispieces that complement the text within. The two new Passport Levant volumes uphold this high standard both in terms of design and content. Mascarons of the Late Empire, in particular, is a dark onyx jewel glittering with all sorts of aesthetic and spiritual pleasures. – Daniel Corrick, U.K.

Just received The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales. It's a beautiful book, and I'm delighted with it! All the best with future Ex Occidente publications. – Douglas Campbell, U.S.

The book arrived today in perfect condition. It looks great and I am eager to get into the stories. I hope I can read them slowly and make them last. I really appreciate all of the time and personal attention you have given me, certainly not usual for a book buyer and a publisher! Good luck with your business and your future books. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again. And, I hope there will always be more mysteries… - Joe H., U.K.

I love the book itself [The Nightfarers]; the typography, the paper and binding, it's better even than Tartarus Press productions. My compliments to the designer. - Alan Brignull, U.K.

I would like to let you know that the all 5 books were received yesterday. Thank you very much for packing them securely. To paraphrase Alan Moore, it is assuring to know that the weird literature is in safe hands. It is not essential that they should know whose :) Thank you, Dan. – Mihaila Adrian, Bucharest

Do you believe in coincidence or providence? Are they the same thing? This morning I received your letter and also two beautiful books - The Black Cupboard & The Silver Voices - which I can't wait to read. I have already devoured the Mark Samuels book which - in my opinion - is his finest collection to date, as well as being, beyond any dispute, his most beautifully produced. Later: The Wounds of Exile and The Mascarons of the Late Empire arrived this morning, and, in terms of sheer book production, they are some of the most beautiful that I have seen. Thank you so much. I shouldn't wonder if in the future there will be bibliophiles who specialise in collecting Ex Occidente & Passport Levant! – Reggie Oliver, U.K.

Just received The Mascarons of the Late Empire & Other Studies by Mark Valentine and The Wounds of Exile by Reggie Oliver. These are astonishingly gorgeous looking books. Every single book that I have bought from Ex Occidente Press has been marvellous and efficiently delivered to me. How marvellous? Well, I have real-time reviewed a number of of them in detail on my own site over the last year or so. The Valentine, Howard, Samuels, Oliver, Lane, Crisp & Russell books and the Meyrink anthology: Please let those reviews be part of my testament. – Des Lewis, U.K.

A quick note of appreciation for the work you are doing with these books – they are great. I look forward to the Junger Volume – hopefully a true celebration of the “will to style” and perhaps a hint of “rebirth”? Thank you – and keep up the noble work. – Brett J., Australia

The packet you kindly sent arrived today. I am delighted by my book. I think the format is fine: unusual and interesting, it makes the book seem (as indeed it is) a rare and special publication. Of all aspects of it, I like the bright, delicate gilt titling upon the dustjacket spine, and the very subtle effect of black upon black on the front of the jacket. I like Reggie's book too, and of course have already started reading it: how splendidly he draws the reader in to the story at once. The Passport Levant books will be among those rare few which become collectable even before they are published. It will be worth all your arduous attention to detail. It is also good that you have finally taken the supernatural story out of its ancient Jamesian tomb and into the twilight of Mittel-Europa! – Mark Valentine, U.K.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I did get the package with the 4 books, and I see you just got by new order. You have a great press with great works and I support what you are doing wholeheartedly. Can’t wait to see the new books! – John H., U.S.

I wanted to let you know that I received The Black Cupboard on Saturday. The book arrived in fine shape and you've done a lovely job in the book's production - binding, text, and dust jacket are all first rate. I'm about half way through the book and am finding it very enjoyable. Many thanks. - Don K., U.S.

Just a brief note to let you know that the two books you posted to me last week have just arrived (three minutes ago). Both arrived in perfect condition - many thanks! By the way, the design and production of the Passport Levant volume by Mark Valentine is beautiful!! If there were a prize for "most beautiful books" I think Ex Occidente would clinch it. - George Berguño, U.K.

I am quite thrilled to have been able to cooperate in such work. It is a true pleasure for me. My parcel also arrived safely, with the copies of the Seignolle book and also the Samuels. These books are truly gorgeous and a joy to have. – Antonio Monteiro, Portugal

Ex Occidente Press are producing some of the highest quality small press books around at the moment. We are delighted to stock their books and our customers are extremely happy to purchase them from us. Highly professional operation with books shipped well protected and promptly. – Simon Gosden, Fantastic Literature

My very grateful thanks for the most exquisite volume by Mark Samuels that I picked up today, from my private box. It is a total delight and I will spend this bank holiday weekend sojourning deep into its fecund hinterlands. I love the production - as ever - it really is very appropriate and refined and beautifully redolent of all that we appreciate. The book and its production resonate. – Jonathan Wood, U.K.

When I was coming home yesterday evening, a neighbour called out and told me that the postman had given her a package addressed to me because I was out of the house. Eagerly, I took it in and opened it - and, to my delight, uncovered Cinnabar's Gnosis. Congratulations on a beautifully compiled and produced book. Everything about this is excellent - the look, the layout, the contents (so far as I can gauge, from a quick glance so far), the design and typesetting, the paper, the illustrations. Truly a magnificent achievement. Congratulations. The spirit of Gustav Meyrink, should it hover near, would be highly gratified. - Albert Power, Ireland

Just a quick note to let you know that I received your parcel with the Ex Occidente Press books today. Many thanks for all the care you took in packing them so well. The books look amazing, specially the most recent ones with the dustcover. I am very much looking forward reading them. – Jose Pacheco, Portugal

The books produced by Ex Occidente Press are of the finest quality, as much an aesthetic pleasure as they are intellectual treasures. I am delighted that there is a press bold enough to offer readers a back catalogue of European masters and a thrilling foray into the borderlands of the contemporary European weird and fantastical. In a time of ebooks and the empty promises of mass marketing it is a relief that you are dedicated to producing volumes that will last centuries. One day I fully expect to receive one of these books and upon opening it the scent of dark coffee, rich spices and unknown flora be released into the atmosphere; they are simply so magical. I feel privileged to own so many Ex Occidente Press books and it has been a delight to have worked on my own book with you. - D.P.Watt, U.K.

I just received the books you sent, and though I already had high expectations, I was quite unprepared for the absolutely exquisite quality of the volumes...the natural tone paper, the typesetting, the binding, everything you have done makes me so glad that you are doing this...it's rare enough to find publishers that promote this kind of fiction that I adore the most, but to find that rare and beautiful content in such a wonderfully crafted volume is such a treat. These are the kind of books that one cherishes forever, and I am very, very proud to be involved in one of your releases. Thank you. – Christopher Askew, U.S.

Dan’s volumes are some of the most astonishing examples of bibliophile passion I’ve seen. No one is doing anything quite like this. As a reader and a friend of Ex Occidente Press, I can only say: congratulations, Dan. As a brother editor, I can only hope that one day my own books will look like these. – Horia Ursu, Targu Mures, Romania

I can only speak as I find. Dealing with Ex Occidente has been nothing but a joy for me. I could talk all day about how the prospect of being published by this press has inspired some of my best recent work. As for parcels: I received my author's copy of Cinnabar's Gnosis almost as soon as it was published and it arrived in perfect condition. A beautiful book indeed! Also The Nightfarers by Mark Valentine arrived within a week of being sent. It came padded in lots of bubblewrap in a large secure box and as a consequence it's also in perfect condition. As far as I'm concerned Ex Occidente are publishing the most aesthetically pleasing volumes by the most interesting authors of any publishing house at the moment. Without Ex Occidente this corner of the publishing world would be a rather barren place. – Rhys Hughes, U.K.

Many thanks for The Man Who Collected Machen, a lovely volume with a fine choice of illustration. I was delighted to see Delville and Khnopff, [not to mention the beautiful Redons in the previous volume you sent]. It gives me great pleasure to see the artists who inspired me at the very start of my journey now decorating the volumes of Ex Occidente Press, who will publish my best work. – Ron Weighell, U.K.

Just to let you know that Passport Levant's arrival could not have been more fortuitous. In bed with fever my wife brought me your package. Instantly my spirits were lifted. Truly, a wonderful collection. It's requiring a herculean effort to not gulp it down in one sitting. Valentine is a master. - Robert Micallef, U.S.

Got it [The Man Who Collected Machen]!! Thanks Dan. Your books are sweet. I wish I could afford more of them! Keep up the good work. - All Williamson, U.S.

Just got my first package of books. Wow. I am really impressed with your books! Quality compares to and even exceeds my Tartarus volumes... Very nice bindings and touches all around. I like the quotes and the strange mysteriousness of the Eastern European flavor. I hadn't realized your press was based in Romania! - Matt Huish, U.S.

I just had to fire off a quick email to you - what gorgeous volumes! I've just received the copies of Cinnabar's Gnosis, Wounds, Mascarons and The Nightfarers that I ordered from you recently. Many thanks for the sturdy packaging! - James Hind, U.K.

It arrived today [The Mascarons of the Late Empire]!, enjoy your vacation and apologies for my impatience, as anticipated it is impressive. - Brett Johnson

I received the book [Cinnabar's Gnosis] today--thank you for all your trouble. - Ralph Bellantoni, U.S.

"L'amitie est incompatible avec la verite.
Seul le dialogue mute entre ennemis peut etre fecond."

Corto Maltese,
The Gilded House in Samarkand

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